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I’m Kevin Scott and I’m Running For General Assembly


Kevin Scott

I’m Kevin Scott and I’m running for General Assembly in NJ Legislative District 30 because I believe the middle class needs a voice in our state government.

Most of my neighbors will agree that taking care of our families is the most important thing we do. I want to ensure that all of New Jersey’s families are equipped with what they need to succeed and aren’t taken advantage of by the top 1%.

I believe in the people of LD30 and New Jersey and will work tirelessly to ensure that we can all afford healthcare, homes, and our taxes, while making sure our children are getting the best education they can.

What is the General Assembly?

The state government of New Jersey is divided into three branches: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The principal function of the Legislative branch is to enact laws. The General Assembly is the lower house of the New Jersey Legislature. Legislators are elected from districts of substantially equal population.

Year Terms

Why I’m Running For Assembly

For Healthcare

I believe that everyone is entitled to healthcare. I will fight to make sure New Jersey residents have healthcare that is accessible and available.

TO Defend the Middle Class

I want to protect and defend the middle class and young people of our state, who often find themselves taken advantage of by a flawed tax system.

For Equity

All people in our state and in our district deserve equitable opportunities-- in pay, in housing, in education, in access to healthcare, and in civil rights.

To Secure Our Future

We need to plan for the future to ensure success for the next generation. Environmental issues can not be ignored, freedoms must be preserved, and a reformed tax system is essential to forward produces.

My Running mate




 Eliot is a successful businessman who actively supports the community. 

Countdown to the General Election

2017/11/07 20:10:51

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